About Us


Holistic Health Clinic that combines the latest scientific diagnostic testing with traditional naturopathic principles and treatments in warm and comfortable surrounds


Natasha Zervaas is the Founder of the Green Secrets Holistic Health Clinic and School.  Natasha is a degree qualified Naturopath, Health and Mindset Coach specialising in Adrenal Fatigue (stress and anxiety), Thyroid, hormonal and digestive disorders.  Natasha has obtained an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and Nutrition and is a Professional Member of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association. 

Natasha has a thirst for knowledge and is continually seeking the latest research in preventative and nutritional medicine and herbal treatments. 

Natasha enjoys growing, harvesting and manufacturing some of her own herbal medicines in order to tailor make her treatments for her Clients.  She is a warm and empathetic Practitioner who is absolutely passionate about her Clients reaching their individual health goals and bringing their bodies back to a natural state of wellness and vitality.

Natasha is an accomplished Speaker and Author writing numerous health articles for the Australian Natural Therapy Pages, Wellness for Women, That Clean Life and Toxin Free Tribe. Natasha is also a regular columnist for The UK Newspaper.  In 2019 Natasha published ‘Intrepid Women – 12 Tales of Courage’, her first co-authored book detailing her personal healing journey from Adrenal Fatigue, as well as educating the reader on stress reduction techniques, positive lifestyle and mindset principles. 

Natasha feels absolutely passionate and purpose driven to educate and support others that are currently experiencing physical, mental and emotional burnout due to her own past personal struggles. Natasha has successfully achieved this through the creation of products and services that help each individual heal holistically – mind, body and spirit.  Her signature products are based on traditional plant medicine, such as Nourish – whole body tonic Tea, and her transformational Coaching courses – the 3 week Immersion, Get Wealthy-Healthwise, and 12 week Energy Reboot Program.