“I can’t share my gratitude in just a few words – thanks a million times over Natasha for helping me feel alive again – I couldn’t have done it without you!” 


“The Program by Green Secrets was a fabulous experience for me as it gave me plenty of energy. I also slept like a baby! I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful meal plan. The food was absolutely delicious!! I was never hungry. In fact, I ate more on this program than I normally do, but still lost a full dress size! I thoroughly recommend this Program as I have taken away great tips and techniques that I will use for life. If you want a positive, life-changing experience, embrace this Program. You will be delighted with the results – thank you Natasha!” 


“I would highly recommend Natasha’s Program!
I had stomach problems due to Adrenal fatigue that were soo bad I could barely complete my usual daily duties and commitments.
I had lost hope of ever feeling better but I am now soo much better than I was.
I couldn’t have done it without this incredible lady and all of her knowledge.
I understand my body so much more, I know the triggers for those issues and I’m well on my way to a much healthier and happier body!” 


“Natasha Zervaas has reformed my health. A few months ago I was struck with a sudden onset of arthritis in my knees and googled research on a stomach drug of which I was prescribed 18 months before and it had left me fearing the future. My GP was insistent that my dosage (highest available) could not be reduced and it was then that I sought Natasha’s help. With digestive and other supplements I began to see results quite quickly. Following Natasha’s recommended alkaline based diet I became satisfied with smaller helpings of food and sugar cravings disappeared. Slowly I reduced and ceased the prescription drug with no reoccurrence of heartburn or reflux. I am now a dress size smaller (without effort) and have renewed energy levels. My knees have freed up to the point that I can jog in the park again with my beagle! Thanks Natasha!”


“The best Naturopath I have ever come across. Natasha is so sweet, caring extremely knowledgeable in her work. I feel the my best health has truly come forward since working with her. I truly can’t thank her enough for all her care and support, and knowing she always has her best intentions at heart.”


“Natasha’s knowledge in holistic health was mind blowing. She helped me support my chronic health issues which helped me improve my quality of life. A really professional and knowledgeable service, supported by her caring, passionate approach! Highly recommend!”


“It’s a relief to have a very knowledgeable and understanding Naturopath like Natasha. She listens and offers the best advice and products to put you back on track with your health. Her ongoing and genuine support is very much appreciated. Highly recommend anyone to see her!”