Most Acidic Foods: Should compose only 20% of total dietary intake

Cheese (cow, goat, soy)                                       Icecream

Yoghurt                                                                     Beef

Chicken                                                                     Eggs

Fish                                                                             Potato (white)

Dried, pickled or canned fruit                             Barley

Corn                                                                           Oat bran

Cashews                                                                    Peanuts


Most Alkaline Foods: Should compose 80% of total dietary intake

Cucumber                                                                Kale

Sprouted beans                                                      Avocados

Salad greens                                                            Broccoli

Cabbage                                                                    Celery

Beets                                                                          Asparagus

Quinoa                                                                      Buckwheat

Spelt grains                                                              Almonds

Balance your pH levels naturally by including some of these suggestions daily:

First thing in the morning squeeze half a fresh lemon or lime into a glass of warm water and drink or alternatively, add lemon to a large drink bottle and sip throughout the day.

Aim for two cups of green vegetables per day or try green vegetable juices or smoothies

Consume several servings of raw fruits and vegetables every day

Swap refined grains for more alkalising alternatives such as quinoa, wild rice, buckwheat (part of the rhubarb family), or spelt grains.

Drink organic herbal teas, fresh spring water or ideally filtered alkaline water

Add herbs, miso and ginger to help alkalise a meal

Supplement with liquid chlorophyll or chlorella, magnesium, barley grass and kelp.