ave you ever looked at that bottle of fish oil or ‘shelf stable’ probiotic sitting on the dusty supermarket shelf and wondered to yourself: ‘How long has THAT been there?

Am I just wasting my money?’

That’s a very good question because cheap supplements destined for the big bulk food stores may be an inferior product to start with even before being loaded onto a mega shipping container and sitting out at sea for weeks or months on end. When they are finally distributed to your supermarket shelf they can sit for a very long time under hot lights and all manner of temperature changes. For the sake of saving perhaps $5-$10.00, are the probiotics REALLY still alive in that bottle???

The recommended dosages are often very low, certainly less than the therapeutic dose prescribed by a trained Practitioner, so you may not feel any benefit and give up feeling disenchanted with a supplement that may have actually helped you if it was taken in the correct form and dosage.

Many people also run the risk of having a drug reaction if they don’t seek professional advice and mix a supplement with certain medications they may be taking – bad news all around when this happens – never take a supplement without professional advice!

The aim of companies producing Practitioner Only Supplements is to raise the standards of complementary therapies for the benefit of the patient/consumer. They achieve this through producing only potent formulations that are evidence based using the latest advances in nutraceutical medicine.

Before reaching for that poor quality out of date supplement bottle, talk to your health Practitioner first. A qualified Naturopath will take into consideration your specific health needs, your current medications etc and tailor a supplement protocol specifically for you.